Zapp is based in The Hague.

- Zetetic Architectural Productions & Performances -

Passion & Precision.

ZAPP’s ambition is to combine passion and precision in the design process and in its realization.

Precision when it comes to agreements and contracts with commissioners and advisers, specifications and details, planning, available budgets, analyses of the assignment, ability to be critical of oneself and of others, ability to listen, to think, to be realistic, to accept, technology, zooming in and out, limiting conditions, restrictions, working like a surgeon.

Passion when it comes to finding the best solution, studying, looking/watching, radiating enthusiasm, convincing, seducing, knowing what you want, animated presentations, dreaming, reading, interpretation, perseverance, making the most of one’s opportunities, inspiring, having fun, travelling, working like an artist.

All this with the ambition: to create.

ZAPP works together with a group of highly skilled professionals.

Network Team.

Winfried van Zeeland

Founder / Lead Architect


Jacco van Leeuwen

Urban Design/Landscape Architect

Marjolein Kramer

Interior Design

Patrick Keeler

Art Director

Helen Mulder

Office Manager

Niels Hessels

Financial Administrator

Selby Gildemacher


Our services.

Design, Concepts, virtual or real
Finding the right solution
Spaces, Books, Photography
Presentations & Lectures