Apartment Building Smidstraat


Apartment Building


The Smidstraat housing scheme is part of a restructuring of the elderly housing facilities along the Oude Vlietweg in Rijnsburg, anticipating on recent chances in the national health policies. One of the main focal point is making a functional and programmatical difference in housing between people who need special care and those who are easily capable of living independent. By designing two small adjacent building volumes instead of one big block the sites is gaining urban transparency.

At the Smidstraat 27 apartments have been organized in a four storey building block designed back-to-back with a central corridor. This corridor gives access to the all apartments and provides daylight coming in from different sides.

Apartment Building DSV
Smidstraat 68
2231 EK Rijnsburg

Client: DSV Verzorgd Leven
Program: 27 apartments
Project management: De Rode Brigade
Design: Winfried van Zeeland (together with Gert-Jan Masmeijer and Gerrit Everding / Van den Berg Kruisheer Elffers)
Contractor: KBM Katwijk
Urban plan: KuiperCompagnons
GFA: 2.400 m2

The design is part of an overall urban scheme in which the (historical) characteristics of the site are brought to light in a contemporary way. To fit in with the existing urban structure we used brick as façade material. Together with equal color treatment of the balconies, the use of big glass fronts and white prefabricated elements, a nice balance is achieved between horizontal and vertical elements, and between traditional and contemporary appearance.