Zorgpassage Hofpoort Ziekenhuis


Zorgpassage Hofpoort Ziekenhuis


One of the most recent projects realized at this regional Hospital is the so called ‘zorgpassage’. This project provides a new main entrance area, additional spaces for primary care and a new restaurant and central open space located in an existing patio of the hospital. Aim of the project is reinforcing the orientation in the building so that visitors can more easily find their way to the different polyclinical areas.

Together with Ex Interiors a design proposal is made and executed. A subtle balance is found between an efficient flow in the hospital, and a natural Look and Feel, based on Healing environment: daylight, warm Colors, organic use of materials (soft textures and prints, wood) and the use of green inside the hospital.

Zuwe Hofpoort Ziekenhuis
Polanerbaan 2
3447 GN Woerden


Client: St. Antonius Ziekenhuis (former Hofpoort Ziekenhuis)
User: Hofpoort Ziekenhuis Woerden
Design: Winfried van Zeeland (together with Joost van Dijk, Gerrit Everding, Gert-Jan Masmeijer | Van Den Berg Kruisheer Elffers)
Interior architect: Ex Interiors
Contractor: Heijmans Bouw, Rosmalen
GFA: 7.200 m2

Long term Real Estate Investment Business Plan

The ‘zorgpassage’ (Care passage) is part of the Long term Real Estate Investment Business Plan that has been prepared in cooperation with Cure+Care for the period 2004 till 2014.

Part of this plan is keeping this regional hospital easily accessible by public transport as well as by car. That is why the plan provides for the construction of a parking garage. In this way multiple ground use led to an optimization of the existing site.

Strategic choices have been made about preservation and disposal of available but not centrally located land.

Aim of the Long term Real Estate Investment Business Plan is to generate a strategic real estate vision. This is done based on the following data: proposition in the current market, business plan of the hospital including vision and mission statement and forecast with regard to the intended growth of production.

In this way all buildings are ready or being prepared to provide support of the intended business processes to the maximum in the future.