Entrance area Alrijne Ziekenhuis


Entrance area Alrijne Ziekenhuis


In order to create a new and more logical flow for visitors, the main entrance of the Alrijne Hospital in Leiden (formerly known as Diaconessenhuis Leiden) is relocated on the east side of the hospital, near the entrance for the policlinics and pharmacy.

The design is part of a bigger scope described in a masterplan (lange termijn huisvestingsplan), which we also provided.

The design is aiming on reinforcing the distinctive character of the hospital: the small-scale and homely atmosphere.

This is done by making one open and inviting space connecting all different functions such as reception, pharmacy, waiting rooms, check-in counters and special visitors areas (meeting rooms and children’s corner).

Client: Alrijne Ziekenhuis
Program: New entrance area and pharmacy including entrance canopy and garden corridor
Design: Winfried van Zeeland (together with Pascalle Asgerali, Gerrit Everding, Aart Stam | Van den Berg Kruisheer Elffers)
Technical Advisors: Royal Haskoning DHV
Contractor: Forma Bouw bv and Unica bv
GFA: 1650 m2

Connected to the central open entrance area is the canopy outside. This spatial element guides the visitors towards the entrance. A transparent corridor is leading all visitors through the central hospital’s garden (patio) towards the main staircases and lifts in the heart of the building.

The materials used in the entrance area  have been specially chosen and arranged to make the visitors more at ease:

  • – soft colouring;
  • – wooden structural ceilings;
  • – different kinds of seating furniture in different spatial settings (being open or more private).

Special attention is being payed to the use of greenery and daylight in this area.

Everything is done in order to help people to make their stay in this part of the hospital – how stressful it sometimes may be – as short and comfortable as possible.