Fitness RIVM




This fitness is designed inside one of the main buildings on the site, the Cohen building. It is the replacement of the existing fitness which had to be demolished in favour of other building developments.

Headquarters National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
Antonie van Leeuwenhoeklaan 9
3721 MA Bilthoven

Client: RIVM
Project management: Central Government Real Estate Agency
Design: Winfried van Zeeland & Marlies Boterman, Diederick de Vilder (Central Government Real Estate Agency)
Contractor: Van Miltenburg, Utrecht
Completion: may 2007
GFA: 335 m²
Photography: Joachim Baan

The new fitness is placed in the existing building like a box in a box. The existing structure is altered by making two glass facades. The fitness is partially double height, giving way to a staircase leading to the dressing rooms.

The box inside is made of perforated sheets permitting daylight to enter the fitness. At the same time from the outside you are not able to see what’s happining inside, to secure the user’s privacy.

The materials used are in contrast with the main building and reflect the usage of the space, where people are exhausting themselves to get into shape and from the outside look very shiny and healthy. Floors are glossy, as is the partitions, made of glass with special prints. Translucent lockers an the inevitable mirror wall complete the experience of the space.