Renovation Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


Renovation MBO Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

The Technikon building in Rotterdam is famous. Designed by Hugh Maaskant between 1955 and 1970, it is the example of postwar modernism in Holland. Bold, big (as Maaskant liked it) en monumental in structure, appearance and programming the building gives way to the possitive atmosphere in rebuilding the city center of Rotterdam – so heavily bombed during the last war – in an new and modern way.

Being able to renovate the biggest part of the building to accomodate the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam gave us the possibility to rethink the spatial solutions for their open educational curriculum.

MBO Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
Heer bokelweg 255
3032 AD Rotterdam2014-2019

Client: Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
Project management: Hevo b.v.
Design: Winfried van Zeeland and Jaap van Es (Van den Berg Kruisheer Elffers, met Gert-Jan Masmeijer en Anneke Heins)
Contractor: Dura Vermeer Heyma bv Rotterdam
Completion: 2015 | 2019
GFA: 30.000m2
Photography: René de Wit

The existing building is opened up by making vides between seperate levels, and new connections have been made between the two main volume of the building.
Functional use of glass in the interior and escalators bringing you up from the entrance to the main first meeting level helps bringing the right flow into the building.

‘What you see is what you get’.

This sums up the way in which the new technical installations, acoustic ceilings and flexible seperations were put in place.
Out of respect for the existing design but also to give as much space to the user we decided to show al the original features of the building such as the ‘cast in situ’ concrete the high ceilings.
The final result is an education environment open to connect to each other and inspire to work together to the max. In a comfortable way.