Renovation NSG Nijmegen


Nijmeegse Scholengemeenschap Groenewoud NSG

Renovation and extension

Close to the heart

Main theme of the design is organizing all the important programmatic components of the school around the center of the school, the auditorium. At the NSG, that’s where everything happens: meetings, exams, presentation, parent evenings and exhibitions. It is the place to meet, to see and be seen. The theater for informal learning.

The special design ingredients:

  • All entrances connect directly to the auditorium
  • The extension (Art & Science and First class domain) is put next to the auditorium visually connection all classrooms and an additional small auditorium tot the heart of the school.

All sections of the school (alfa, beta & gamma) are accommodated in individual parts of the school with their own identity and functionality (decentralization of lockers, separate learning plazas).

In this way the school – despite its size – retained the existing and important small scale.

Nijmeegse Scholengemeenschap Groenewoud NSG
Van Cranenborchstraat 7
6525 BM Nijmegen


Client: Scholengroep Rijk van Nijmegen
Design: Winfried van Zeeland (together with Jaap van Es, Gert-Jan Masmeijer, Anneke Heins | Van den Berg Kruisheer Elffers)
Interior design: Arlar Bvba bni
Project management: RoyalHaskoningDHV
Technical engineering: Nelissen Ingenieursbureau
Contractor: Mertens Bouwbedrijf
GFA: 9.600m2 (renovation) and 2.000m2 (extension)
Completion: 2016
Photography: René de Wit

The existing school building (school levels VMBO-t, HAVO, VWO), designed in the early sixties desperately needed a renovation including an extension. Special attention is been paid to the first class domain. Temporary additions had to be demolished in favour of an additional school yard.

The school’s profile, Art and Science, had to be empowered in the new design.

The building meets all standards according to Frisse Scholen Klasse B (including façade insulation, new double-glazed windows, a heat pump, sufficient solar panels, the sustainable use of materials with low maintenance costs.

Apart from that, reusing the existing building in our opinion is one of the key decisions we made in the field of sustainable design.

In contrast with the existing architecture using red brick (‘The Red School’) both in the exterior and the interior, we decided to use white stucco as main material for the facade. In combination with the ‘fenêtres a longueur’ the addition gives the school a contemporary look.